8449 Indian Hills Drive Nashville – Marijuana Grow House Found By Police

8449 Indian Hills Drive, Nashville, Tennessee 37221

8449 Indian Hills Drive Nashville – was the site of a marijuana grow house. According to news reports, Nashville detectives from the West Precinct Crime Suppression Unit, received info from a confidential informant about the marijuana grow house. Two people were taken in to custody in connection with a very elaborate marijuana grow operation inside the home located off of McCrory Lane in Bellevue, Tennessee. According to sources, Harold G. Johnson, Jr, who actually lives on Temple Crest Drive in Franklin, is believed to be behind the marijuana operation. The house, which is located off of McCrory Lane, is not too far from the world famous Loveless Cafe. 8449 Indian Hills Drive is a house in Bellevue, Tennessee. located off of McCory Ln. Just to be clear – Nurse Holly does not live at this address.

Inside the home located at 8449 Indian Hills Drive in west Nashville.
8449 Indian Hills Dr, Nashville, Tennessee 37221
Newspaper article related to marijuana grow house arrest.
Police Make Arrests – 8449 Indian Hills Drive, Nashville, TN 37221

Nurse Holly is popular on TikTok and is committed to helping Nashville’s young people to follow Biblical principles, including no sex before marriage and abstaining from drug use, including marijuana and similar drugs. Social Media can be used for many purposes, including messages for younger people, especially communities located in central Tennessee.

Marijuana Grown Indoors Poses Health Threat – Mold in Nashville

Toxic Mold in House

Marijuana (pot, weed, ganga) grow houses usually contain high levels of mold, which can pose a health threat to residents living there and the law enforcement agents investigating them. This according to research from the National Jewish Health.

“The combination of warm temperatures and high humidity found in many indoor marijuana grow operations can fuel extensive mold growth,” said Dr. Martyny.

“Airborne levels of mold spores that we found inside these structures may subject the occupants, emergency personnel and other individuals to significant health hazards, especially allergies, asthma, hypersensitivity pneumonitis and other respiratory diseases.”

Living room covered with mold - photo.
Testing For Mold

STDs Can Be Caused By Pre-Marital Sex – Nurse Holly Grace in Nashville ?

Nurse Holly in Nashville Practices Medicine

Fornication, says the Bible, is a Sin. What happens to sinners in Nashville? Just ask Nurse Holly. TikTok is a social media platform that allows free speech for everyone, even medical professionals in Nashville.

Nurse Holly, who may be a nurse at St. Thomas Hospital in Nashville, does not approve of pre-marital sex. Sexually Transmitted Diseases can kill. Some common STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) include Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, Mycoplasma Genitalium, Trichomoniasis, Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), HIV/AIDS ….. and the list goes on.

Erotic Asphyxiation Can Lead to Sex Orgasms and Death in Nashville

Photograph of woman with plastic on face showing erotic asphyxiation.
Erotic Asphyxiation Can Enhance Orgasms

Erotic asphyxiation is a type of sexual activity that cuts off air supply to you or your partner to enhance your orgasms and sexual pleasure. If precautions are not taken, such sexual activity can turn deadly, very quickly. Nashville has its share of adventursome people. Are you one of those people? Be careful what you wish for …

Al Gore photograph in color.
Al Gore Uses Recyclable Plastic Bags

One way to keep Erotic Asphyxiation safe is to have a friend close by to watch. This might mean someone who is prepared to help in the event something goes wrong. Some of the ways that people practice EA is through choking, paper bags, plastic, and other devices.

Black and white photograph of human bondage.
Human Bondage, Sexuality

If you feel the desire to try Erotic Asphyxiation, remember – BE SAFE. And NEVER do this alone. Why? Because you CAN die. Nashville would be wise to reconsider this sexual activity.

8449 Indian Hills Drive, Nashville, Tennessee 37221

Family Accidentally Rents Marijuana Grow House on Airbnb – Police

8449 Indian Hills Drive, Nashville – Marijuana Grow House

8449 Indian Hills Drive in Nashville was the site of a marijuana grow house, according to Nashville Metro Police. The Bellevue home was used to grow marijuana. Police found an elaborate grow operation inside the house. Arrests were made. As law enforcement will tell you, drugs like marijuana can bring criminal elements to a neighborhood. This house is currently for sale in the Nashville real estate market. $379,900 is the asking price.

Marijuana and other illegal drugs can bring further criminal elements to a neighborhood.

52 Pounds of Marijuana Found in Nashville – Arrests Made

Photo from Metro Police Department.

Police officers responded to reports of a suspicious vehicle (car, truck, SUV) on Tennessee property on Lebanon Pike near Stewarts Ferry Pike. The police arrested a couple (boyfriend and girlfriend) inside the abandoned building located near Donelson. The police found approximately 52 pounds of marijuana weed hidden in tubs.

Marijuana is illegal in the state of Tennessee and usually produces negative outcomes for those individuals involved with marijuana. The two young people arrested by Metro Police are now in a situation caused by their interaction with marijuana.


Meagan Whitson aka Metaphysicalmeagan – Nudity Is Good

Meagan Whitson from California embraces her sexuality in the sun.

Meagan Whitson (@metaphysicalmeagan) has embraced the power of the hot sun to enhance her butthole. Meagan is all about teaching. She is also known as a weightlifter. Meagan can best be described as “Ascension Wayshower.” Better focus. Better concentration. These are some of the benefits of butthole tanning.

Meagan Whitson and Harold Johnson.
Taking an Ascension Wayshower. Meagan is a powerful woman.

Why are so many people afraid to share their sexuality with the world? Isn’t this what God made us for – to enjoy each other in the sensual delights of the world?

Nashville must embrace its sexuality. Nashville must embrace Meagan Whitson.

Butthole Sunning (Perineum Sunning) – Sunbathing Your Asshole – Meagan Whitson

Meagan Whitson enjoys butthole tanning in the nude.

Stick it where the sun don’t shine ? Not anymore. A new craze is taking over Nashville and the world. It’s called butthole sunning. And people swear by it. They claim it energizes them and helps them sleep more soundly. Gail Johnson is one special person who takes pride in everything! Just make sure you don’t forget the Hawaiin Tropic and maybe a little cocoa butter. Soooooo gooooooo! Perineum sunning is not for everyone. Just ask Gail!

Butthole Sunning

Master Mantak Chia knows a thing or two about life. Sunbathing has always been an enjoyable pasttime for young and old alike. But who knew that the anus needs sun, too!