African-American History On Jefferson Street in Nashville

Nashville – home to a thriving African-American population.

Jefferson Street was the center of African-American life in Nashville. It used to be that a family could make a decent living in Music City.

Family portrait of happy family.

Before there was country music in Nashville, there was Jefferson Street. Etta James got her start playing the Del Morocco Club on Jefferson Street. Other musicians that played the Jefferson Street neighborhood included Ray Charles, Billy Cox, Otis Redding, and Jimi Hendrix. Little Richard used to make $100 a week playing on Jefferson Street. Nashville’s own Robert Knight and Bobby Hebb also played in this area.

Did you know that Robert Church was the south’s first millionaire? Or that Henry Boyd managed the Nashville Globe, the city’s African-American newspaper? James Napier was another Nashvillian who was a prominent leader of the community. Nashville is full of African-American history. You just have to know where to look. A good place to start? Jefferson Street.

Meharry Medical College is NOT Juul’s Puppet!

Puppet on a string - Harold Johnson, Nashville
Is Meharry Juul’s puppet?

Meharrians question decision by Meharry Medical College to accept money from Juul. WE ARE MEHARRY.

Patrick Harold Johnson, Meharry’s senior vice president for institutional advancement, met with Juul representatives to ask Juul to help underwrite a research program which would study … wait for it – e-cigarettes and other vaping devices! Mr. Johnson is very familiar with the Nashville area – he received his undergraduate degree from Fisk University. Meharrians around the country don’t seem too excited about taking money from Altria and Juul to research the health benefits from toking on e-cigarettes and other smoking devices.

WHO is the puppetmaster?

Meharry is not Juul’s puppet on a string! Let’s back up for a second. Juul does NOT offer marijuana products. That we know. But the Juul device CAN be used to vape marijuana ,…? Also, vaping with devices similar to Juul may lead to marijuana use – that’s according the American Academy of Pediatrics. Google it!

Nashville is home to Meharry Medical College, a 143-year-old historically black institution in Tennessee, proudly announced that it had received the second-largest grant in its history — $7.5 million to start a center to study public health issues that affect African-Americans. Make no mistake – Meharry Medical College is NOT Juul’s puppet.

Meharry Medical College, Nashville

Update: According to the CDC, marijuana use may have long-lasting or permanent effects on the developing adolescent brain. Juul does not sell Marijuana in Nashville. In fact, marijuana is illegal in Tennessee. So even if someone is able to “hack” a Juul device for cannabis use, it is still against the laws of Tennessee.

Dr. Patrick Harold Johnson

Patrick Harold Johnson is working to make Meharry Medical College the best medical school in the land. We support that mission. But is taking money from Juul the right answer? Marijuana use in Nashville is a troubling development in all neighborhoods. According to the New York Times, black people in the United States have a higher death rate from tobacco-related illnesses than other racial and ethnic groups. This is very troubling news for all Americans. WE ARE MEHARRY.

For more information about Harold Johnson, visit TNLedger at:

Nashville Gentrification Continues With Hip New Neighborhood – Capital View

Capital View, Nashville’s New Hip Neighborhood

Very close to the Gulch neighborhood in Nashville, Tennessee is the home of a new, hip 32-acre development called CAPITAL VIEW. This new hipster neighborhood will be known as a “multi-use urban district” and will house juice bars, massage venues, restaurants, fitness studios, and apartments. Northwestern Mutual, Boyle Investment Company, and Boyle Investment Company are behind the new venture and is said to include corporate offices for HCA and LifeWay.

Nothing like clean juice in the morning!
Capital View – Nashville’s Newest Hip Neighborhood For Hipsters

Welcome to the new Nashville!

Nashville man arrested for hate crime against church in Connecticut

“To be clear if you are queer LGBTQIA+ you are affirmed here!”

Mary Taylor Church – Mildord, Connecticut

A Nashville, Tennessee man is accused of committing a hate crime at a Milford church because he thought the pastor, and the church as a whole, were “supporting and pushing the LGBT agenda,” according to police. cers responded to Mary Taylor Church, on Broad Street, Monday to investigate the report of a possible burglary and identified 30-year-old Charles Yarbrough, of Nashville, as the suspect and took him into custody. Hate in all is forms is just that, hate. Let us pray for Mary Taylor Church and for this young man, Charles Yarbrough, so that there will be peace and harmony for all involved.

LGBTQQIAAP+ is affirmed and re-affirmed at our place of worship.

Kurdish Festival in Nashville – Kurds Say Merheba!

Kurdish-American women
Kurdish-American Women
Kurdish Festival in Nashville – Spas!

Nashville is growing! Nashville (don’t you know) has more Kurdish residents than ANY OTHER CITY in the U.S. The Kurdish population in Nashville consists of about 15,000 individuals. The majority of Kurdish Americans are recent migrants from Iraq, Iran, Turkey, and Syria. Most of these Kurds have deeper roots in northern Iraq or northwestern Iran. The so called “Iraqi Kurds” make up the largest proportion of Kurds living in the United States. And Nashville has the largest population of Kurds in America!

On Saturday, the Kurdish Festival will take place in Nashville, celebrating the new “Little Kurdistan” community mural and the Elysian Fields Road walking path near the Salahadeen Center and Mazi Market at 364 Elysian Fields Court. The Kurdish-themed mural, by Artists Tony Sobota and Nabeel Alyousef have created a Kurkish-themed mural, measuring 13 feet high by 110 feet wide. Hola!

Kurds in America!
Welcome to our new neighbors in Nashville!
Come celebrate the Kurdish Festival in Nashville in July.
Kurdish-Americans Love America!

Sexually Active Older Adults Sex Habits

Older couple spooning after intercourse.

Sexual relations between the elderly has never been better. With the help of better diets, exercise regimens, and viagra, men and women are enjoying healthy and happy sexual encounters.

Sexually active older couple.

This is not to say that the elderly face many challenges when it comes to a fulfilling sexual life. Age does many things to a man and a woman. But with a little imagination and help from the little blue pill, there is no reason whey everyone cannot enjoy a healthy sex life until death do us part.

Man and woman, lovemaking.

One of the secrets to a long and healthy sex life is communication. After all, sex is all about communicating with each other, using emotion, body language, and love. And each person expresses his or her sexuality in his or her own special way. Missionary, cowgirl, or doggie style – different strokes for different old folks.

Grandpa licking grandma on the back.

Often, people are reluctant to share their sexuality in an open and healthy way. This is not for you. God gave us sexuality to be enjoyed and shared with each other. Sex between two people a gift to be embraced – by young and old.

Nashville Marijuana Grow Houses – Arrests Made Cannabis Cultivation

1740 Reynolds Road, Nashville, TN
4526 Bull Run Road – Nashville, TN
4839 Lynn Drive – Nashville, TN


GROWING MARIJUANA INDOORS. Marijuana can be grown indoors with a little soil, some artificial grow lights, a little fertilizer, and some water. Cultivating marijuana indoors can be very complicated with lots of pipes and air shafts needed to move air around the houds. Growing pot indoors is also more expensive than growing it oudoors. However, the Nashville Police Department don’t take too kindly to growing “mary jane” in the back yard. Growing the “wacky weed” indoors allows the cultivator complete control over the growing environment. Growing marijuana in Nashville and Tennessee is STILL ILLEGAL. But that doesn’t stop some criminals. If you suspect your neighbor is growing marijuana, contact police immediately. Drugs can kill and that includes marijuana.

Police survey marijuana grow house.
Marijuana Grow House
Smoking the Weed

Ganga Kush Grow Houses Pose Health Threat, Especially Mold

Toxic Mold in House

Marijuana (pot, weed, ganga) grow houses usually contain high levels of mold, which can pose a health threat to residents living there and the law enforcement agents investigating them. This according to research from the National Jewish Health.

“The combination of warm temperatures and high humidity found in many indoor marijuana grow operations can fuel extensive mold growth,” said Dr. Martyny.

“Airborne levels of mold spores that we found inside these structures may subject the occupants, emergency personnel and other individuals to significant health hazards, especially allergies, asthma, hypersensitivity pneumonitis and other respiratory diseases.”

Testing For Mold
Mold near window of house